Dreamworks Considers More “Train Your Dragon”

Following the success of 2010’s “How to Train Your Dragon,” DreamWorks Animation’s Jeffrey Katzenberg announced plans for a potential two further films in the series – effectively making it a trilogy.

Now, upon the eve of the release of the much buzzed about second film next week, the studio may be considering going further and planning “How to Train Your Dragon 4”.

Collider asked the second film’s composer John Powell if he had already had any conversations with director Dean DeBlois about the third film to which he responded:

“I saw Dean in Cannes, we had a premiere of the film there, and he was very merry and a bit drunk and he sort of knew about [How to Train Your Dragon] 3 and I think it was mentioned to him by Jeffrey that maybe they would do 4.

And that was definitely, I think, a real kind of eye-opener for Dean and for me because it’s like, ‘Hey I thought this was a trilogy?’ (laughs). So I don’t know, and it might be good because he’s got a lot of story left to tell, so maybe splitting it into two will work, but I just don’t know about that yet.

I’m supposing that at the moment, Dean has an idea for the third one and he isn’t telling any of us yet.”

“How to Train Your Dragon 2” hits cinemas on June 13th.