Dragon Tattoo Pictorial, Changes, Casting

The latest issue of W. Magazine includes the first official shots of Rooney Mara in full get-up as Lisbeth Salander in David Fincher’s adaptation of “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” and the transformation is startling.

The article also goes into the making of the film and reveals some big surprises – namely how Steve Zaillian’s script makes some rather major changes from the source material with Blomkvist (Daniel Craig) less promiscuous, Salander (Mara) more aggressive, and a completely new ending. Not sure what that means but it likely means the scenes set half a world away are out of the film.

It also goes into the casting process with the final half dozen female stars having to “audition with the rape scene. The girls had to kick a dildo up his ass. That’s Salander’s big scene, and we had to see if they could do it.” It also mentions that the design of the titular tattoo itself is “a dragon that could have been drawn by Escher.”

Finally, Fincher dropped an interesting quote about the all the critical praise for “The Social Network” saying it was partly undeserved – “I didn’t really agree with the critics’ praise. It interested me that Social Network was about friendships that dissolved through this thing that promised friendships, but I didn’t think we were ripping the lid off anything. The movie is true to a time and a kind of person, but I was never trying to turn a mirror on a generation”.

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