Dragon Tattoo 2 & 3 To Become One Film?

With a fourth instalment in the late Stieg Larsson’s best-selling Millennium novel series on the way, attention has turned back towards its iconic hacker character Lisbeth Salander and her on screen future.

Though David Fincher’s adaptation of the first novel “The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo” under performed, Sony Pictures has been pursuing the sequel slowly – keen on a follow-up so long as it can be done for a fraction of the $90 million budget Fincher did the first film on. Sony has already paid quite a bit for Steve Zaillian’s script adaptation of the second book “The Girl Who Played with Fire”.

Today though comes a report from THR that suggests there’s talk of turning that second book and the third book “The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest” into one feature. Should that be a success then the new novel, “The Girl in the Spider’s Web” penned by David Lagercrantz, could become the basis of the final film in the trilogy.

The move is not unexpected. The second novel is often cited as the weakest of the trilogy with some padding that could be trimmed. The second and third novel are also essentially one story told in two parts as opposed to ‘Dragon Tattoo’ which is more stand alone.

Former Sony Pictures chief Amy Pascal, who brought the property to the studio, is reportedly not keen on the idea. Now transitioning to being a producer, with the next ‘Girl’ film being one of her projects, she apparently doesn’t want to shelve Zaillian’s script.

The participation of actors Rooney Mara and Daniel Craig and producer Scott Rudin also is unclear at this point. Both the second and the third book were previously adapted into two Swedish language mini-series which were recut into features for a theatrical release.