Downey On “Iron Man” Future, More Promos

In an extensive piece for GQ, the ever playful Robert Downey Jr. has spoken about leaving behind the role of Tony Stark as the upcoming “Iron Man 3” marks the end of his contract with Marvel.

According to the 47-year-old Downey, when he sustained the ankle injury during filming “Iron Man 3,” it: “got me thinking about how big the message from your cosmic sponsor needs to be before you pick it up. How many genre movies can I do? How many follow-ups to a successful follow-up are actually fun?”

He goes on to hint that when he turns 50 that could be it for him and action tentpole movies. Asked if he would stop at 50, he says: “I don’t know. Right now I don’t have a contract to do anything, and I did for the last five years.”

Downey also admits, straight up, that through his back-end deal he was paid around $50 million for his work in “The Avengers” – a figure even he finds ridiculous.

Also today comes a LEGO-themed poster and a featurette about all the different “Iron Man” armored suits we’ll see in the upcoming sequel.