Downey On “Iron Man 2” & “Holmes”

Though everyone, even the trades, reported that Mickey Rourke would likely play the Soviet-era villain The Crimson Dynamo in the upcoming “Iron Man” sequel, the casting is not yet locked and the character may in fact be quite different.

“That’s actually incorrect,” Downey tells MTV News when asked if Rourke was up for playing Dynamo. Asked if he would play Whiplash instead, Downey responded “I can neither confirm nor deny that. Or maybe it’s some semblance of both. Here, I can tell you everything about the story except I won’t give away the ending. The nerd stuff is top-drawer security.”

Downey is presently at work on Guy Ritchie’s “Sherlock Holmes” project and a new photo of the actor along with Jude Law and Rachel McAdams has appeared over at USA Today.