Downey Making McQueen’s Lost Project

Robert Downey Jr. and his wife Susan Downey have established their Warner Bros-based production company Team Downey and announced their first project – the heist film “Yucatan” reports Deadline.

“Prison Break” creator Paul Scheuring was hired five years ago to pen a script based on almost 1,700 pages of decades-old notes and storyboards done by late acting legend Steve McQueen who had hoped to topline the project.

The story follows a group of thieves who head to Mexico to find Mayan treasure buried for centuries beneath the Yucatan peninsula. It also deals with the historical division within Mexico between the Spanish-blooded aristocrats and the poor indigenous population, and throws in some big action set pieces including a drawn-out motorcycle chase.

The Downeys and Dan Lin will produce this version which will ditch Scheuring’s script and start again from the notes. Downey will get first crack at starring in the film, while McQueen’s son Chad will serve as an executive producer. If it does go ahead though it won’t be for a while as Downey is committed to film both the Alfonso Cuaron-directed 3D space film “Gravity” and the “Sherlock Holmes” sequel this year.