Downey Gives Quick Update On “Iron Man 3”

With most of his work on “The Avengers” now done, Robert Downey Jr. tells The Los Angeles Times that he’s already talking about where Tony Stark will go next in “Iron Man 3”.

Asked whether new writer/director Shane Black will bring the moments of sharp wit and comedy in his 2005 directorial debut “Kiss Kiss Bang Bang” to IM3, Downey says “The thing about Shane is that it will be anything but one of those moments, unless we come up with something that is so cheeky and character-driven and perfect that it has to be in the movie.”

Downey says Black is currently off writing the script which they’ve already talked about. The pair are simpatico with their intentions, “fighting on the same side and at the same time we’re circling each other, so it’s all great”.