Dourif In “Child’s Play” Series, Not In Film Reboot

The “Child’s Play” franchise is undergoing a resurgence with both a new movie and TV series on the way. While the movie is effectively a reboot of the franchise, the series is reportedly a continuation of the previous seven films.

So it makes understandable sense that according to Bloody Disgusting, actor Brad Dourif will be involved in the upcoming series but isn’t a part of the upcoming film. Dourif, the voice behind the killer doll Chucky in the films, is returning for the series alongside franchise creator Don Mancini and producer David Kirschner.

With Mancini and Kirschner both declining involvement with MGM’s big screen retool, Dourif is sticking by them and will be in the show. Mancini says he also plans to continue the film franchise with Universal.