Dougherty Replacing Edwards On “Godzilla 2”?

Yesterday came the news that “Krampus” writers Zach Shields and Michael Dougherty would be writing the sequel to 2014’s “Godzilla” reboot.

Now, ScreenCrush reports that not only is Dougherty writing but he is apparently in early talks to direct the project, taking over from the first film’s helmer Gareth Edwards who was previously attached to direct. The site stipulates that no deal has officially been made as of yet and will be dependent upon the screenplay.

The sites is also unable to confirm if Dougherty and Shields will use any of Edwards’ original ideas for “Godzilla 2” which reportedly featured Mechagodzilla, a weapon created by man to defend the world from from the legendary lizard.

The “Godzilla” follow-up is targeting a March 2019 release.