Doug Liman Seeks Cast For Moon Project

“The Bourne Identity” director Doug Liman’s long-in-development sci-fi feature at Paramount Pictures may have escaped development hell.

The story follows a renegade group of former space employees who travel the world stealing space equipment in an attempt to go back to the moon to acquire an energy source. The last item is an ex-NASA employee they intend to kidnap.

A few years ago the actioneer about lunar colonization was setup at Dreamworks and survived the migration to Paramount. In both incarnations Liman was set to direct and produce while Jake Gyllenhaal was attached to star. Liman co-write the script with John Hamburg (“I Love You, Man”), a script which scored polishes from the likes of Ken Nolan, Mark Bowden and Simon Kinberg.

However interest in the project cooled while Liman pursued other films including “All You Need Is Kill” at Warner Bros. Pictures. Now it seems the buzz has turned away from ‘Kill’ in favour of the moon project which could begin shooting as early as late Summer says The Hollywood Reporter.

A lot however will depend upon the casting and the helmer plans to lock down his leading stars in one go. So far the likes of Andrew Garfield, Emile Hirsch and Chris Pine have met with him for the male lead, while Rosario Dawson, Megan Fox, Rachel McAdams, Eva Mendes, Zoe Saldana and Olivia Wilde have all had meetings about the female lead. Liman is expected to meet with several more names in the next few weeks.