Doug Liman Locked In “Attica”

Director Doug Liman (“The Bourne Identity,” “Go”) will helm a feature about the 1971 Attica prison riot for Hypnotic says The Hollywood Reporter.

Geoffrey Fletcher (“Precious”) will pen the script about the four-day confrontation between prisoners and guards in the New York correctional facility when 1,000 prisoners rioted and seized control of the prison.

Taking thirty-three correction officers hostage, the prisoners began a negotiation for better living conditions. Under Governor Rockefeller’s order, the state police lead an assault and retook control of the prison, at the cost of at least 39 lives including ten guards and civilians.

The retaking of the prison has been described as the bloodiest one-day encounter between Americans since the Civil War. It became famous in pop culture thanks to Al Pacino’s yelling ‘Attica’ in 1975 cinematic classic “Dog Day Afternoon”. Liman’s father served as chief counsel on the commission investigating the incident and co-authored the report criticising the Governor and how the incident was handled.

David Bartis, Elliot Abbott, Avrum Ludwig and Liman will produce.