Doug Liman Adapting “Time and Again”

“The Bourne Identity” and “Mr. and Mrs. Smith” helmer Doug Liman is set to direct and produce a feature film version of Jack Finney’s 1970 illustrated novel “Time and Again” for Lionsgate says Variety.

The romantic time-travel tale follows a Manhattan illustrator who enlists in a secret government experiment and is transported from the mid-20th century to the year 1882. He soon falls in love and finds himself forced to choose between his lives in the present and the past.

Finney, who also wrote the sci-fi classic “The Body Snatchers”, penned a sequel in 1996.

Liman is just the latest to have a go at adapting the work, following a version by Universal in the mid-90’s with Robert Redford slated to direct and a mini-series version Tom Thayer was developing.