Doom Reboot Gameplay Gets Bloody

Bethesda kicked off its E3 presentation tonight with plenty of footage and details about their reboot of the “Doom” video game franchise.

The new “Doom” sees the return of double jumping, vaulting across platforms and maze-like structures. There’s also rapid weapon switching with plenty of classic implements including super shotguns, chainsaws, plasma rifles, rocket launchers and more.

Considering that Bethesda was responsible for last year’s “The Evil Within”, it’s also no big surprise that the game looks incredibly gory with levels literally doused in blood and viscera, while take downs sees skull crunching an body explosions to rival anything you’ve seen in “Mortal Kombat X”.

The game not only sports numerous and elaborate multiplayer modes like domination, deathmatch, freeze tag and clan arena. Also announced was ‘Doom Snapmap’ which allows players to build and share creations within multiplayer as players can craft their own modes and maps using tools that requires no expertise. The ‘Snapmap’ feature will also be available on all platforms.

Post show they confirmed to GCO that iD Software is aiming for 1080p and 60fps on all platforms – PC, PS4 and Xbox One – for the reboot which will hit shelves Spring 2016.

Three major gameplay clips were shown – one set on an early level, one set later in the game in Hell, and one a montage of the game’s multiplayer. Check them all out below.