Don’t Expect “Sherlock” To Go Faster

The BBC’s “Sherlock” is a critical and commercial hit, but if there’s one common complaint about the show it’s lack of episodes. With a new season of three telemovies every two years, the phrase ‘always leave them wanting more’ certainly applies to this show.

One of the stars, actor Martin Freeman, says that the series’ very nature and the ability to only have to do it every now and then is a big reason why he can still do the project. He tells The Independent:

“It’s so intermittent. That’s what for me makes it do-able. I don’t know about [Benedict Cumberbatch] but certainly for me it would soon lose a lot of its appeal if we were schlepping that around for eight months of the year, every year. A bit of the sheen would have gone off it.”

He also admits that, as much as he loves the show’s fanbase, it’s getting harder to actually film the series due to the phenomenon of hundreds of fans, particularly young women, hanging out at location shoots in the UK.