Don’t Expect More “Fargo” Anytime Soon

FX CEO John Landgraf has revealed at the Television Critics Association that he’s hopeful for a fourth season of “Fargo,” but series creator Noah Hawley has yet to pitch him an idea of where he would take it.

There’s also the added complication that Hawley is busy with FX’s “Legion,” a “Doctor Doom” film in the works, and more. He tells Slashfilm:

“I haven’t heard. We haven’t heard the idea from Noah for what the fourth season would be. I think what we’ve encouraged Noah to do is think about it and make sure he has something he’s really excited about and has something to believe in.

There’s a possibility he won’t have that idea for some time. There’s also the possibility, because Noah’s been fertile and productive, that we’ll hear that idea soon.”

Landgraf confirms Hawley is presently working actively on the second season of “Legion” which is slated to premiere sometime in 2018.