Don’t Expect Bullseye In “Daredevil”

It turns out one of the most famous villains from the “Daredevil” comics will NOT be making an appearance in the upcoming Netflix TV series.

Showrunner Steven DeKnight was recently asked on social media about who would be playing master assassin Bullseye in the show, to which he responded “no one”.

Colin Farrell played the character in the 2002 film, but from the sounds of it the new incarnation of the baddie is being held off until a later date. He marks the second key character from the previous film who is a no show in the new series, the other being Elektra.

Filming has been underway in Williamsburg and Greenpoint recently and DNAinfo reports that popular dive bar Turkey’s Nest Tavern was recently transformed into “Josie’s Hell’s Kitchen” for the shoot – a bar in the comics where Daredevil goes to gather intel.

Numerous fight scenes have been shot including a brawl involving the character taking on a “ninja with a kyoketsu-shoge knife on a chain”.