Don’t Expect A “Purge” TV Series Soon

Though “The Purge” film series seemed to come to a close with the third film, the creative minds behind the series, namely Platinum Dunes producers Brad Fuller and Andrew Form, are keen to keep it going.

Earlier in the year “Purge” creator James DeMonaco, who wrote and directed all three films, said he was keen to expand on the concept with a ten-episode TV series. Speaking with Collider this week, Fuller says there hasn’t been any active development on that front, though they are interested:

“We keep reading… that there’s going to be a Purge TV [show], but until we hear that, that’s something that is out there, but in terms of us being actively involved in that, that hasn’t happened yet. We’d love to make a TV show about The Purge.”

Fuller confirmed the next thing we’ll see from the franchise is a fourth film:

“In any incarnation, the next thing out would be The Purge 4. TV takes a long time, to come up with all that. We’re excited by the prospect of a Purge 4, but until James DeMonaco shares with us where this franchise is going, we literally sit here and wait. We’re just waiting to hear from him.”

DeMonaco has yet to confirm if he’ll return for the next installment, but Fuller says the writer/director is still very passionate about the idea and feels there is a lot more story to tell.