Don’t Expect A Longer “Thor: Ragnarok” Cut

During the press rounds in recent weeks for “Thor: Ragnarok,” filmmaker Taika Waititi revealed that he had a near three-hour assembly cut of the film which he then whittled down to around 100 minutes before the reshoots/additional photography was done. Those reshoots, plus the reinsertion of some jokes, ultimately led to the final product which runs just over two hours.

Speaking with CinemaBlend this week, the film’s editor Zene Baker says he doesn’t think the film will score an extended cut because the theatrical cut is the film Waititi set out to make:

“I mean I wouldn’t rule it out. It could happen. Honestly, I’ve never been a big fan of that, myself. It’s weird. My perspective on that has changed before, like, when I was in film school and right after film school I was like, ‘Oh man, I’ve got to have all of the extra material.’

Then after doing a lot of these movies I’m like ‘you know, this is the version they released? Awesome. Better off keeping it that way.’ There’s some movies where you’re fascinated by the extra material, like real deep sci-fi movies, you’re like ‘oh I wonder what they left out.’ But for this, it’s just massively entertaining and it’s built for entertainment. This is what they released and I don’t know. It just works for me.”

He added that one of Waititi’s goals was to tell a lean story, thus padding it out with extra and non-essential material which would go against his central objective. Separately, Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige revealed that an earlier incarnation of the script featured an appearance by Beta Ray Bill but it was quick and “didn’t do justice” to the character.