“Don’t Breathe” Had An Alternate Ending

This past weekend’s box-office champ “Don’t Breathe” works effectively as a complete story – unlike so many of its horror kin, there’s no big sequel setup and no ridiculous final scare before cutting to end credits with bad rock music.


However, at one time, there apparently was an alternate ending that was actually shot for the film and part of it was glimpsed in a trailer earlier this year. Bloody Disgusting investigated this and discovered there was more to the film than what audiences saw in the finished product – one that clearly sets up a sequel.

In the original ending, the action takes place at the Bus Station lobby where Rocky and Diddy are walking through a crowd with their back of money. As the pair disappear into the sea of people, the camera drops low and cane enters the frame. It moves slow to scan every inch of the floor.

The final film changes that ending to one more upbeat, a rarity in the genre. The film has received mostly strong reviews with a few exceptions, much of the contention revolving around the very graphic and dark twists of the final hour. “Don’t Breathe” is in cinemas now.