Don’t Ask James Gunn About “Guardians 2” Trailer

You can debate who ‘won’ on the ground, but when it comes to the fans across the world – DC seemed to beat Marvel at this year’s Comic Con due to them putting all the footage they screened during their presentation immediately online. In fact, almost every studio but Marvel had the trailers and/or featurettes screened at the convention available for online perusal within minutes of them being shown.

It made Marvel, who essentially helped pioneer the early footage craze at the Con first with the “X-Men” franchise and then the Marvel Studios films, look behind the times with only one trailer – the “Doctor Strange” trailer – coming out of the presentation along with some announcements that had already been revealed weeks before online.

What might have easily tipped the scales though and what fans really were hoping to see was the first footage for James Gunn’s “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2”. As filming had just wrapped they showed off an unfinished single scene and a teaser trailer. It’s understandable the single scene wouldn’t go online, but what about that early trailer? Over a month on since the event, fans are now beginning to get testy – where is it?

Gunn it seems has had enough of people asking, and has taken to Facebook to request fans stop asking him when the trailer is coming out. People reportedly keep prodding him on his social media accounts, demanding to see the first trailer with even posts paying tribute to Gene Wilder being hijacked by fans complaining he isn’t working on the ‘Guardians’ sequel or trailer. Said trailer isn’t likely to go online until closer to the release of “Doctor Strange” in the Fall. Check out the posting below.