Donnie Brasco Scribe Re-Writes “Scarface”

“Donnie Brasco” and “Quiz Show” scribe Paul Attanasio has come onboard to re-write the script for the latest version of “Scarface” at Universal Pictures says Deadline.

“Training Day” writer/director David Ayer penned the previous draft which is neither a remake or sequel to either Howard Hawks’ 1932 original or Brian DePalma’s iconic 1983 version.

Like those films this will deal with an immigrant outsider who, with the help of ruthlessness and violent ambition, climbs his way up to become a criminal kingpin.

The setting however is key – the original was about an Italian taking over organised crime in 30’s Chicago, the remake was about the cocaine trade in Miami in the 80’s. The new incarnation’s setting and vice of choice have not yet been revealed.

Marc Shmuger and Martin Bregman are producing.