Dominic Minghella Plans Puccini Movie

Dominic Minghella, brother of the late Oscar-winning filmmaker Anthony, is currently prepping three films for his Island Pictures banner with a Puccini biopic likely to go first.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Minghella has written the $19 million-budgeted costume drama on which he hopes to make his feature directorial debut. Rainer Mockert is already onboard as producer.

The story follows the opera composer who lived the high life due to the rewards from the classical works he created. The action is set during his dry spell between his two most famed operas – “La Boheme” and “Madame Butterfly” – and the unique relationship with a housemaid that helped him break out of it.

Minghella and partner Sarah Beardsall are also developing an adaptation of Ben Hatch’s UK travelog “Are We Nearly There Yet?” and an original script by Australian comedienne Tania Lacey called “Virtually Kitty”.

Minghella’s previous work includes creating and writing hit British series “Doc Martin” and the BBC’s “Robin Hood”. He’s also behind an adaptation of Daphne du Maurier’s “The Scapegoat” which ended up going direct to television a few weeks ago because the financier, broadcaster ITV, decided as such.