Does “Hitman” Kill Gary Busey Or Gary Cole?

Though last year’s attempt at a “Hitman” film based on the video game franchise was an outright disaster, this year’s reboot of the game series into a more episodic form has been a success. The first episode from the new title, which debuted earlier this month, involved you taking out a fashion mogul and his partner. Six more are slated to debut before year’s end.

Today, IO Interactive and Square Enix have released a new trailer for an upcoming episode in which fans are given a choice of two iconic actors to kill – Gary Busey or Gary Cole. The trailer has both actors revealing reprehensible things that they have done, but only one will “die” in the game.

Fans will get to choose which actor will be killed by voting on the website, or with the #KillCole or #KillBusey hashtags on social media. It’s unclear which of the episodes will feature the mission, but the second episode entitled ‘Sapienza’ will be released sometime next month.

For those not into the more episodic form, a disc complete with the entire game will be available for purchase sometime in 2017.