Dodgy Life on Mars US Trailer

At the network upfronts this week, ABC announced just one drama series for the new year – the long in development US remake of the superb BBC series “Life on Mars” which “Boston Legal” producer David E. Kelley was originally attached to (and has since left).

The original followed a modern day Manchester police detective who gets hit by a car and wakes up in 1973. As he tries to figure out how he got there, he must deal with the cultural and occupational differences of being a cop in the 70’s – including his politically incorrect new boss Gene Hunt. The format allowed the producers to essentially deliver a 70’s cop drama with post-modern comedy and serialised sci-fi elements such as the girl from UK TV test patterns being able to jump out of the screen.

The big question of course is will the program survive the UK-US transition? For every “The Office” that has worked, there’s been ten other shows which fell flat on their face. Now the first footage/trailer for the show has arrived and it seems pretty obvious that this is one of those shows that has been sadly lost in translation.