Doctor Who Xmas Spoiler, ‘Day’ Box-Office

British tabloids love their “Doctor Who” gossip, one reason being it is one of the few topics their scoopers do get right on occasion.

The Sun appears to have uncovered a bunch of spoilers regarding the upcoming Christmas special “The Time and the Doctor”.

If true, it sounds incredibly ambitious, and several tweets by writers and producers on the show have all but confirmed the report to be genuine.


One surprise? Matt Smith’s Doctor will lose a limb. Smith hurt his leg during filming and, with the regeneration into Peter Capaldi able to solve the problem by the end of the episode, it has apparently been written in that an attack by the Weeping Angels will leave him with one leg.

Said injury also apparently serves as a catalyst for the action – with the Doctor engaging in a centuries long war against his foes including the Weeping Angels, the Daleks, the Sontarans, the Silence and the Daleks.

The episode will FINALLY solve the issue of the cracks in time and who caused his TARDIS to explode which was the overarching mystery of Smith’s first season. The time cracks will form a big part of the plot, including resolving the ‘twelve regenerations’ dilemma.

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In less spoilery news, the nationwide 3D theatrical screening of the 50th anniversary TV special on Monday night in the U.S. grossed a stunning $4.8 million at the domestic box office.

320,000 tickets were sold to the 660 screen event averaged $7,155 per location and was the second highest earner that day behind only “The Hunger Games: Catching Fire”.

This was doubly impressive considering the screening was two days AFTER the episode had already premiered on BBC America, so most fans had already seen it.

Theatrical screenings around the globe over the past few days have resulted in a $10.2 million haul.