Doctor Who Trailer Date, Story Details

Two weeks out from the special’s airing, the BBC has released a bunch of behind-the-scenes content from “The Day of the Doctor,” the upcoming 50th anniversary special for “Doctor Who”.

They’ve also finally confirmed an airtime for the official trailer (this one with actual footage)- this Saturday, November 9th at 8pm on BBC One, just before a new episode of “Atlantis”.

Extensive interviews with show runner Steven Moffat and the cast have revealed a couple of new tidbits about this adventure as well. Part of the action takes place in 16th century England, other parts in the near future.

Welsh actress Joanna Page’s role is that of Queen Elizabeth I, a character that David Tennant’s incarnation previously hooked up with (off screen), and it looks like we get to see a bit of that play out as Tennant’s Doctor shares a bit of romance with Good Queen Bess.

Moffat talk about John Hurt’s incarnation of The Doctor with SFX:

“it’s a rougher, tougher Doctor. It looks like somehow he’s been through it a bit. We are saying ‘This isn’t a Doctor who’s just appeared, he’s been around, he’s been in this form for a while.’ So one of the notes was make it look as though he’s been knocking around in this incarnation for a bit.

We didn’t want to imply that he’d just been around for a little while. There’s a whole lot of stuff you missed! it’s a nice thing to be able to say in the show, and for no one to be able to contradict you, that there were years that you didn’t know about… we lied and lied, there’s a whole big old chapter you didn’t know.”

Also today, check out several new photos from the special that have just been released: