Doctor Who Sixth Season News Bits

Just as Craig Ferguson’s ‘Who’-related talk show episode last week scored a lot of great columnist write-ups, details have begun to emerge on the currently shooting sixth season of “Doctor Who” via Gallifrey Base.

First up BBC America have announced that the Christmas special, entitled “A Christmas Carol”, will be fast tracked to certain international territories including the U.S. and Australia where, with time zone differences taken into account, it will air literally just a few hours after the U.K. broadcast (December 25th in the U.S., December 26th in Australia).

The Steven Moffat-penned episode sounds like a different spin on the Dickens classic, best guess is that instead of three ghosts visiting the same man it’s one ghost (The Doctor) visiting a man at three different stages in his life as the cast list features the characters ‘Young Kazran’, ‘Middle Kazran’ and ‘Older Kazran’ with the last played by “Harry Potter” and “The Singing Detective” star Michael Gambon.

Amy and Rory are on their honeymoon and separated from The Doctor for much of the episode as he is planet-side while they are on a pleasure cruise in a spaceship orbiting above that comes under attack.

The trailer for the special aired Friday night in the UK during the “Children in Need” appeal. Most revealing is a roving fin of what’s being called ‘a flying shark’, there’s also a lot of people seemingly frozen in stasis, and Rory and Amy dressed in their old Roman and policewoman kissogram outfits respectively (will be curious to see how Moffat does a ‘bedroom role play’ joke with plenty of kids watching).

The seven episode sixth season kicks off with a two-parter set in 1960’s America which Moffat has also penned. Filming is underway in Utah on the story which traverses from Monument Valley to the Oval Office, and shots of Amy Pond running in the desert can be found here. It’s been confirmed that River Song (Alex Kingston) will play a big part in this story, while other guest stars include Mark Sheppard (“Supernatural,” “Galactica”) and Stuart Milligan (“Jonathan Creek”).

Beloved comic author Neil Gaiman penned the third episode in which the TARDIS breaks down on an alien junkyard world where the crew encounter Idris (Suranne Jones), a woman who is preparing for death and has apparently met The Doctor before.

The fourth episode, penned by Mark Gatiss and entitled “What Are Little Boys Made Of”, that apparently might deal with scary dolls that come to life on a modern day council estate.

Episodes five and six will be a two-parter penned by Matthew Graham (“Life on Mars,” “Ashes to Ashes”) in which “the Doctor will face a dilemma the like of which he’s never seen before”. The titles are rumoured to be “The Rebel Flesh” and “Gangers”, while a snipped from the show’s official mag makes mention of The Doctor recalling events from the Tom Baker era in the 70’s.

The seventh episode is the first of a two-parter which will be resolved when the show resumes in the Fall. Moffat is penning this one and says this is where a major revelation about The Doctor is made, and is the one where we learn the truth about River Song.