“Doctor Who” Set Photos Tease Xmas Special

Set photos have emerged from filming of this year’s Christmas special for The BBC’s “Doctor Who”. The episode will mark the final outing of both current star Peter Capaldi and showrunner Steven Moffat.

The set photos show two versions of The Doctor’s TARDIS capsule and seemingly confirm the reports that the episode will include a teaming of two Doctors – Capaldi’s Twelfth Doctor and the First Doctor.

David Bradley will step into the role of the First Doctor again having played him in “An Adventure in Space and Time,” the 50th anniversary telemovie about the gestation of “Doctor Who” and in which Bradley took on the role of actor William Hartnell who played the original Doctor.

The current season closes out this weekend with the second of a two-parter and has already teased the regeneration that is to come in the opening sequence of the first part. Moffat explains to DWM (via The Sun) that despite what you’re seeing, Capaldi won’t regenerate next week: “The doctor is mortally wounded, staggering out of the Tardis into the snow and starting to regenerate. What you’re seeing is the beginning of the process.”