Doctor Who Series 9 Prologue Released

BBC One has released an almost two-minute long prologue for the upcoming ninth season of its venerable sci-fi series “Doctor Who” which returns September 19th.

Two years ago, the network released “The Night of the Doctor” – a seven minute prologue to the 50th anniversary special episode “The Day of the Doctor” – in which we saw the demise of the Eight Doctor (Paul McGann) on the planet Karn.

This clip returns to that planet and Clare Higgins reprises her role of Ohila, the High Priestess of the Sisterhood of Karn. Unlike ‘Night’, this is a much shorter and much more frustratingly vague clip.

Here she consults with Peter Capaldi’s The Doctor about an enemy of his that has called upon him, most likely The Master (Michelle Gomez) but it isn’t said aloud. We also see The Doctor give her his Last Will and Testament.