“Doctor Who” Secrecy Puts Director In Dark

If there is one person you’d expect to be in on the identity of the actor or actress playing the next incarnation of The Doctor on The BBC’s “Doctor Who,” you’d expect it to be the director of the episode in which he undergoes his regeneration.

That’s not the case it would seem. Rachel Talalay has directed numerous episodes of the series under current Doctor Peter Capaldi’s run, and is helming the show’s Christmas Special for this year – the one in which Capaldi regenerates into the thirteenth Doctor.

In a surprising reveal on her Twitter account, Talalay confirmed she doesn’t know the identity of who is playing the new Doctor at this point, even though whomever is playing the role has been cast . Beyond the actor/actress themselves, only a handful of producers are presently aware of the choice.

Though it’s customary for the new Doctor to cameo in the final seconds or minutes of a departing Doctor’s final episode, the possibility is the special will NOT include a look at the new Doctor. Alternatively the scene in question could easily be shot at a later date. The “Doctor Who” Christmas Special airs December 25th on The BBC.