Doctor Who Season Finale Talk


The end of one era and the birth of another as star David Tennant and showrunner Russell T. Davies delivered their “Doctor Who” farewell on New Year’s Day in the UK to an estimated audience of 12.04 million (final rating as of 1/8/10).

Reviews were decidedly more favourable for this than they were for last week’s Christmas special as the tone was much less campy, while the performances of Tennant and Bernard Cribbins scored strong reviews. In particular the final fifteen minutes, a stand-alone piece to the rest of the story which gives a nod back to all the supporting characters (both regulars and some memorable one-offs) of the past five years, scored particular praise.

However things change and with the new decade comes a new Doctor (Matt Smith), a new showrunner (Steven Moffat), and an ambitious new look and direction for the show which pundits hope will be dominated by darker and more adventure-driven storylines than the sometimes too soap opera-ish style of the Davies era.

Reports the other day had some worried, myself included, that due to the new production team stepping in that the upcoming season will be referred to as Series One rather than the more accurate Series Five of the revival. It has since been revealed that the new production team are calling it ‘Series One’ on-set as it is their first season, but officially in all other areas (i.e. on screen, press releases, DVD covers, etc.) it’ll be ‘Series Five’.

Episodes we’re expecting to see in the coming season include a two-parter involving the return of both the Weeping Angels from “Blink” and Professor River Song (Alex Kingston) from “Silence in the Library”. A two-parter with the return of the classic series reptilian race the Silurians, the Richard Curtis-penned Van Gogh episode, and a Venetian-set vampire tale which can be heavily glimpsed in the promo.