Doctor Who Scribe Talks Future Episodes

Having penned episodes for the last three Doctors already, “Sherlock” co-creator Mark Gatiss is returning to pen two episodes for Peter Capaldi’s version in the upcoming season of “Doctor Who”.

With the hunt for the missing Gallifrey and the Time Lords being a likely running storyline for Capaldi’s Doctor, Gatiss was asked in a recent BBC Worldwide event in Brazil about the possibility of penning a Time Lord-oriented story. It’s an idea he’s not a fan of:

“Every time you go back to Gallifrey, it starts to make the Time Lords a bit too domesticated. I know that’s why Russell T. Davies came up with the whole idea of the Doctor being the last one because eventually if you see them so often they become a bit like a bunch of MPs, whereas if you talk about them as this amazing, powerful force, they’re much more exciting.”

Gatiss is a fan of the ‘celebrity historical’ episodes which feature The Doctor meeting with a famed figure of history. In discussing it, he may have hinted at one of his episodes in the new season:

“One of the things which new Doctor Who sort of invented was the idea of a celebrity historical – Charles Dickens, Agatha Christie, Winston Churchill, Shakespeare. There’s three writers there so I think Jane Austen stands quite a quite a good chance actually… I’m not quite sure what the adventure would be. Maybe an alien posing as Mr Darcy.”

Gatiss is penning the seventh and tenth episodes of the new season, while show runner and his “Sherlock” co-producer/creator Steven Moffat is penning three – the season premiere, finale and the fourth episode entitled “Listen”.

Several other episode titles have recently been revealed including “Robots of Sherwood,” “Time Heist,” “Kill the Moon,” “Flatline” and the suggestive sounding “Mummy on the Orient Express”.

Source: Doctor Who TV & Doctor Who Spoilers