Doctor Who S8 Delayed & Shortened?

It looks like it could be some time before we see Peter Capaldi’s first real take on The Doctor.

While we get Matt Smith in the 50th anniversary and Christmas specials this year, a recent ‘power list’ in The Guardian suggests that we won’t see the next Capaldi-led season of “Doctor Who” until next Fall.

A gap was expected. With each new Doctor, the show gets effectively rebooted and so it will take time to sort out the new direction the show will head.

The big question is when it does come back, will it go back to being a single season or will it do the split-season trick like we saw with the two most recent seasons.

One rumor suggests it will be a single season, but a shortened one – eleven episodes and a Christmas special (rather than the usual 13 and Xmas special).

In any case, show runner Steven Moffat and the crew have begun work on the Christmas special (filming begins this Sunday) which Moffat promises will tie up the loose ends from Matt Smith’s era. He tells DWM:

“The special ties up stuff from all corners of Matt’s tenure – there are things I set in motion in Matt’s very first episode that I’m paying off now. it’s been a long game, but most of the questions that people ask will be answered.”

It also sounds like Smith’s character will do what David Tennant’s character did in his final episodes – face his incarnation’s mortality:

“One of the horrors of regeneration is that a certain amount of his persona alters entirely. His appetites and his enthusiasms will change. And that’s sort of what I’m writing about now in Matt’s last episode, the fact that he’s terribly aware that he’s about to be rewritten. And it’s frightening.”

Due to Smith’s currently shaved hair, the actor will don a wig for the final episode. There’s also talk of the Cybermen returning for the special.

Meanwhile one person who has put his hand up for writing duties on the series is “The Thick of It” and “Veep” creator Armando Iannucci. Iannucci is understandably happy over the choice of his ‘Thick’ star Capaldi for the role, telling Digital Spy:

“I think some people will be surprised because he’s a fantastic actor. He’s really funny, so I imagine there’ll be lots of humour there, but he can also be powerful and tragic.”

Source: DWTV