Doctor Who Robot Dog K9 Gets A Film

K-9, the beloved robotic dog companion of several incarnations of The Doctor in “Doctor Who,” is getting his own feature film.

“K9 Timequake” will continue the dog’s adventures from the recent television series, and bring him face to face with classic Doctor Who villain Omega. The dog first appeared in 1977 on the main show and has popped up on various ‘Who’ spin-offs including his own Australian kids show in 2009.

In the series, Omega was a Time Lord who helped construct the Eye of Harmony which gives Time Lord society control of time and space – but it came at a cost, he was thrown into an anti-matter universe and now lives due to sheer force of will as his flesh long ago turned to dust and his mind has been warped.

“K9 Timequake” will hit cinemas in the United Kingdom in 2017.

Source: Facebook