Doctor Who Returning April 23rd reports that the new season of “Doctor Who” is scheduled for an Easter premiere on Saturday, April 23rd at 9/8c on BBC America in the United States. The episode will air the same night on BBC One in the UK.

The first half of the season kicks off with a two-part episode set in the 1960’s with the action stretching from Utah to the Oval Office. While the first part will air on the Saturday, there’s already talk that the second part will air the next day on Easter Sunday (though it’s not confirmed at this time).

The episodes of this season have also undergone some minor swapping with Mark Gatiss’ creepy dolls-filled fourth episode pushed back until the second half of the season airing in the Fall.

The third episode will now be a full on pirate adventure with cutlass-wielding blaggards and sinister sirens. This was likely moved up to avoid airing after the new “Pirates of the Caribbean” hit cinemas.

The Neil Gaiman-penned episode will now air fourth, a two-parter rumored to involve a cloned Doctor airs fifth and sixth, and then the mid-season cliffhanger airs seventh.

Meanwhile filming has recently been going on for the two-part finale scheduled to air later this year. Photos from the set confirm the return of James Corden’s character from “The Lodger” along with some kind of Cybermen involvement.