Doctor Who Premiere Rough Cut Leaks Online

Following an unprecedented leak of the scripts for the first five episodes of the new season, a VERY rough version of the eighth season premiere episode of the BBC’s “Doctor Who” has leaked online on file sharing networks.

Said leak is thought to be part of the same security breach that saw those scripts being posted online earlier this week from an unsecured server in the BBC Worldwide’s new Latin America office in Miami.

This Ben Wheatley-directed 74-minute premiere entitled “Deep Breath” is unfinished, so the version appears to be very rough. Screen caps and reviews from those who have seen it confirm the rough cut is entirely in black and white (the final episode will be in color), boasts several water marks, temp credits and score, an unfinished sound mix and plenty of unfinished effects shots. A good shot for shot comparison between the screener copy and the final product can be found here.

As The Radio Times says, “they are in no way representative of the final product and will present a highly unenjoyable experience”. Producers have asked fans who have seen it to avoid discussing spoilers and thankfully, so far, fans are complying.

The properly edited and finished version of the episode is slated to premiere on August 23rd.

Source: Digital Spy