Doctor Who Finalists Down To Three?

SATURDAY 11AM: The official Doctor Who Twitter account has denied the report, saying: “We can confirm there is no #DoctorWho announcement planned for today.” BBC One also confirmed no announcement.

Meanwhile, TV producer and director Ed Stradling tweeted: “Don’t believe what you read about the new Doctor Who being announced this weekend. I think it must be Starburst getting a bit over-excited! Steven Moffat says this morning ‘I haven’t a clue who it is, we’ve barely started.’ So no Doctor Who announcement this evening I fear!”

SATURDAY 1AM: The BBC is reportedly set to announce who will be playing the new twelfth incarnation of The Doctor in “Doctor Who” on Saturday night.

Starburst reports that a national Sunday paper has discovered the identity of the actor, forcing the British broadcaster to make their announcement earlier than planned. A photoshoot has apparently already taken place.

Many names have been circling, and one early suggestion – Ben Daniels – is confirmed to no longer be in the running. The article adds three more in the form of Domhnall Gleeson, Daniel Kaluuya, and Dominic Cooper.

1. Domhnall Gleeson
Of the three, it is the red-haired Domhnall Gleeson whose name keeps popping up the most. The son of actor Brendan Gleeson, the younger Gleeson seems the most obvious choice of the three. Aside from paying off a long running joke about the Doctor’s desperate desire to be a ginger, Gleeson has scored acclaim for his work in Joe Wright’s recent “Anna Karenina”.

He also starred as Bill Weasley in the last two “Harry Potter” films, had supporting roles in four very good films – “Dredd,” “Never Let Me Go,” “True Grit” and “Shadow Dancer,” and has a leading role opposite Rachel McAdams in the upcoming “About Time”.

2. Dominic Cooper
Cooper meanwhile seems the least likely due to his movie commitments. Cooper scored acclaim for his dual turn in “The Devil’s Double,” and played a young Howard Stark (Tony’s father) in the two “Captain America” films.

He’s also appeared in supporting roles in such films as “Mamma Mia,” “Dead Man Down,” “An Education,” “The Duchess,” “Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter,” and “The History Boys”. He is currently filming “Need for Speed,” and is about to re-team with his “Tamara Drewe” co-star Luke Evans on “Dracula”.

3. Daniel Kaluuya
Kaluuya has previously appeared in “Doctor Who” before in the Tennant-era special “Planet of the Dead”. He’s also been a regular on “Skins,” “Psychoville,” “The Fades”.

He’s also appeared in films such as “Kick Ass 2,” “Welcome to the Punch” and “Johnny English Reborn”. Whichever actor wins the role, whether it’s one of these or none, it sounds like we’ll know within the next 24 hours.