Doctor Who Companion, Amazon Home Set

Actor Peter Capaldi has confirmed that the new companion for the tenth season of The BBC’s “Doctor Who” has been cast, but the role hasn’t been announced yet.

The actor, who plays the twelfth incarnation of the role since the original series began back in 2013, has told EW that his relationship with the new companion will differ with that of Clara Oswald (Jenna-Louise Colman) whom he has traveled with over the past two years:

“Obviously I know who that is and we’ve been doing a bit of work together already, and it’s very exciting. Because it’s a very different sort of take on it. Clara had prior knowledge of the Doctor… she understood a little about how he was. And as she was already with Matt [Smith], she knew the Daleks and the TARDIS. Now we have someone who knows very little about the Doctor.”

The quote comes as Amazon and BBC have announced a multi-year content licensing agreement to make Amazon Prime Video the exclusive U.S. subscription streaming home for the science-fiction series following its removal from Netflix. U.S. Prime members can enjoy season one through eight from March 27th with the ninth season going online on the service in the Fall.