“Doctor Strange” VFX Reel & Honest Trailer

Marvel Studios’ “Doctor Strange” scored good reviews overall, though plenty still had issues with the movie be it the story, the writing in general, some of the performances and some of the creative decisions made.

One area where the praise was basically unanimous though was the trippy visuals. Several key visual effects heavy sequences showed off real life takes on Steve Ditko’s iconic work from the Marvel comics and were often astonishing in their imagination.

A new visual effects reel from the film has now gone online and showcase the movie consisted of more extensive visual effects than you might have originally thought including some highly convincing digital actor doubles – such as the entire iconic shot from the trailer of Cumberbatch’s character throwing on his signature cape. Turns out it wasn’t just the cape that was artificial in that shot.

At the same time, the guys at Honest Trailers have also put out their video piece on the film and have fun with it – the comparisons to “Iron Man,” the cape with more character than some of the actual characters, and the questionable moral lessons of the film such as rejecting modern medicine. Check out both below: