“Doctor Strange” Helmer Teases Namor?

Doctor Strange Helmer Teases Namor

Filmmaker Scott Derrickson (“Sinister,” “Deliver Us From Evil”) has been around on social media for a while and earned the respect of many on the platform. He also directed Marvel Studios’ “Doctor Strange” a few years ago and is all lined up to tackle that film’s sequel.

Yesterday those elements combined when, in a now-deleted tweet, Derrickson shared an image of Doctor Strange underwater being attacked by Namor the Submariner and added the quote: “Are you experienced?”.

This has led to fans quickly speculating that the next film might have some underwater elements, not a shock in the wake of the billion dollar success of “Aquaman” from rival DC. In the comics the two characters previously teamed up to tackle an underwater monster.

Marvel’s Kevin Feige has said in the past that there are issues with the rights surrounding Namor which means, like the Hulk, he probably can’t have his own solo film but can be a supporting character. The new “Doctor Strange” hasn’t set a start-of-production date as yet.

Source: The Playlist