Doco To Reveal Theoretical “Star Trek: DS9” S8

If “Star Trek: Deep Space Nine” had gone on to an eighth season, what would it have looked like?

That’s the enticing tease of “What We Left Behind,” a new documentary, which recently launched a fundraising campaign, about the iconic sci-fi series which divides fans more than any other series in the ‘Trek’ cinematic universe and which will soon celebrate its 25th anniversary.

Showrunner Ira Steven Behr is spearheading the effort which looks at the changing legacy of the show from the ‘black sheep’ of Trek series, to a TV pioneer of multi-season serialised storytelling, cinematic universe construction, theological themes within a sci-fi context, provocative storytelling, nuanced characters, and cinematic space battles bigger than anything else the franchise has done.

Adam Nimoy, who previously made “For the Love of Spock,” has signed on to direct the work which features interviews with almost all the key players involved bar one notable exception – Avery Brooks (Captain Sisko).

The big draw though is Behr got some of the show’s writers together to workshop a planned eighth season, primarily the first episode, to see where the show would’ve gone. Would Kira and Odo be reunited? Would Sisko return and become essentially Space Jesus?

The campaign launched just over a day ago and sought $150,000 to finish filming and editing. As of writing it has already passed that with $170,866 in funds raised. The film is now targeting a February 2018 release.