Django Unchained Wraps Filming

Producer Stacey Sher has confirmed on her Facebook page (via Thompson on Hollywood) that Quentin Tarantino’s “Django Unchained” has finally wrapped production after a nearly five month shoot. The pressure is now on for QT to have the film done and locked in time for the release at Christmas this year. Here’s her posting in full:

“Well, we did it! At 1:23 AM, we wrapped up the extraordinary journey that has been the filming of Django Unchained. 126 (or 130 depending on who is doing the counting) of challenging, magical, incredible adventures from Simi Valley, to the Alabama Hills, to the frozen Grand Tetons, to the swamps and plantations of New Orleans and back to Simi Valley once again!

It has been an honor to go on this epic journey with the greatest partners: My fellow producers, the unbelievably brilliant cast, the most inspiring and hardworking crew (not to mention the most fun) all brought together by the genius and imagination of QT! Post Production here we come! Django, we will never forget you.