DJ Caruso Up For Directing “Preacher”

Almost a year after “Revolutionary Road” and “American Beauty” helmer Sam Mendes departed the project because of his commitments to the next James Bond film, DJ Caruso (“Eagle Eye,” “Disturbia,” “I Am Number Four”) is reportedly in talks to direct the film adaptation of the Vertigo comic book series “Preacher” reports Slashfilm.

Created by Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon, the 75-issue story followed a down-and-out Texas preacher possessed by Genesis, a supernatural entity conceived by the unnatural coupling of an angel and a demon.

Given immense powers, the preacher teamed with an old girlfriend and a hard-drinking Irish vampire and set out on a journey across America to find God — who apparently had abandoned his duties in heaven — and hold him accountable for his negligence.

Joe Carnahan was previously curious about the job, while Darren Aronofsky was linked to the project at one time. Producer Neil Moritz says John August’s script is “a really faithful adaptation but made it probably more accessible to a broader audience.”

The film will be R-rated and is planned to be the first of a series of films, however the project has had various stops-and-starts over the years including a potential HBO TV series which Mark Steven Johnson would have produced.