Divergent Star Not A “Divergent” Fan?

In Hollywood, just as in many fields of business around the world, one of the first rules is not to mouth off about your employers. Every now and then though an interview with a young and upcoming actor will catch them out with a quote that hasn’t been approved by their media or PR minders, a quote which usually has them doing just that.

Today’s example comes from Miles Teller who, in a new interview with W Magazine, didn’t sound too keen on his experience shooting this year’s young adult franchise release “Divergent” in Chicago. The actor was talking to the magazine about a film he really enjoyed doing, this year’s Sundance winner “Whiplash,” which he received the script for during filming on “Divergent”. He says:

“When I first read Whiplash, I was feeling dead inside. I didn’t have an interesting part [in ‘Divergent’], and I’d taken the film for business reasons: It was the first movie I’d done that was going to have an international audience. I called my agent and said, ‘This sucks.’ He told me about Whiplash.”

Of course these days, in the world of instantaneous social media, a candid comment like that to a magazine spreads like social media wildfire. As a result, Teller has taken to Twitter to clarify his comments saying: “I’ve never done a movie for “business” reasons. I’m proud to be a part of Divergent franchise and love all of Peter’s Princesses.”

What makes this a little awkward is that Teller recently wrapped filming the “Divergent” sequel “Insurgent” and so this comment will no doubt come up in many interviews in the lead up to that film’s release.