Divergent Nabs $4.9M Opening Night

The first numbers for the much-hyped film adaptation of the young-adult novel “Divergent” are in with the film grossing a strong $4.9 million Thursday night. As a point of comparison, the recent “300: Rise of an Empire” opened to $3.3 million on its Thursday night ahead of a $45 million opening weekend.

“Divergent” is said to be on track for a $50-60 million domestic opening. International numbers won’t be known for a while as the film is being rolled out at a steady pace globally over the next month or two, rather than a day-and-date launch in most major territories such as next week’s “Noah”.

The $85 million-budget sci-fi adventure won’t top the first “Twilight” ($70M opening weekend) or come anywhere closer to the success story of the first “The Hunger Games” ($152.5M opening weekend), but “Divergent” won’t vanish into the ether the same way so many other young adult lit adaptations have in recent years.

Reviews for the film have been frankly terrible. Metacritic gives it a 49/100, comparatively the first “Twilight” managed 56/100 and the first “Hunger Games” a 67/100. A similar situation over on Rotten Tomatoes with a 40% (5.6/10) score compared to Twilight’s 49% (5.4/10) and Hunger Games’ 84% (7.2/10).