Disturbia Tops Tepid Box-Office

Teen thriller “Disturbia” once again took the top spot at the box-office, the third week in a row which should help push Shia LaBeouf’s asking price up (how much does he charge per hour? I only need 45 minutes).

The entire weekend though was a quiet one, the calm before the “Spider-Man 3” storm, and thus four newcomers bowed with little fanfare.

The surprise strong showing was “The Invisible,” the David Goyer-directed Disney supernatural thriller beat out Nic Cage sci-fi actioneer “Next” and took a definitely stronger per theatre average ($3,767 vs. $2,642). “Next” marks the lowest opening for a Nic Cage film since 2005’s “The Weather Man”.

Also opening were action thriller “The Condemned” which took a mere $4 million, and Jamie Kennedy comedy “Kickin it Old Skool” which took a mere $2.8 million. In limited release both “The Valet” and newcomer “Zoo” did the best (around an $8,000 per theatre average), whilst Aussie thriller “Jindabyne” did a so-so $5,033 per screen.

“Hot Fuzz” held the best of the Top Ten, falling a mere 18% from last week and earning a strong $3,757 per screen average. The Brit action-comedy stands to continue performing well. Hits “Blades of Glory” and “Meet the Robinsons” continue to hold well (32.3% and 30.5% respectively), whilst last week’s thriller “Fracture” also stayed quite high – dropping a mere 35%. Horror flick “Vacancy” fell 44%, not bad considering the genre usually posts bigger dives than that.