Disturbia Scares Up Nice Opening

In one of the most crowded weekends for newcomers of the pre-Summer season, six major releases hit the screens with only one breaking through – “Disturbia.”

Despite almost constant reference to it being an inferior “Rear Window” rip-off, critics generally liked the teen thriller (yours truly included) and it took in a solid $23 million – not to mention a $7,900 per theatre taking which was nearly twice that of the nearest rival in the Top Ten.

Scoring along disappointing lines was Halle Berry/Bruce Willis erotic thriller “Perfect Stranger” with a mere $11.5 million haul and a fourth place taking. On a much more limited front the “Aqua Teen Hunger Force” film did well, Molly Shannon quirky comedy “Year of the Dog” scored stellar limited release business ($16,000 per screen), whilst Paul Verhoeven WW2 flick “Black Book” doubled its haul from last week and still holds an $8,000 per screen average.

On the downside though were several failures. Viking drama “Pathfinder” took in a mere $4.8 million and came in at #6. “Redline”, the race car vanity project about sports cars (and not much else) failed to do any kind of ‘Furious’ business and took a mere $4 million – not even cracking the Top Ten. The biggest bomb of all was Lionsgate cop drama “Slow Burn” which utterly tanked with a mere $687 per theatre take and $0.8 million total haul.

On repeat business fronts both “Blades of Glory” and “Meet the Robinsons” continue their solid runs with the former likely to go over $100 million by this time next week, and the later doing the same by early May. All the family friendly comedies held well with “Are We Done Yet,” “Firehouse Dog” and even long opened “Wild Hogs” falling a mere 25-35% from their numbers last week.

In contrast Hilary Swank thriller “The Reaping” plunged 54%, whilst high profile Rodriguez/Tarantino exploitation flick “Grindhouse” fell a devastating 64% in their second weeks respectively. Other March actioneers like “300,” “TMNT,” and “Shooter” all fell between 45-55% from their last week hauls and seem on the way out.