Distributors Unfazed By “Homesman” Leak

Roadside Attractions president Howard Cohen says he does not think that September’s online leak of a Blu-ray quality copy of Tommy Lee Jones’ acclaimed western drama “The Homesman” will have much impact on the film’s potential box-office.

Variety reports that illegal copies of the film have been online for almost two months and piracy tracking firm Excipio claims the film has been pirated roughly 1.2 million times since.

Despite that, the film opened in limited release last weekend and managed a robust $48,000 from just four theaters. It is expected to continue expanding into more cinemas in the coming weeks.

Cohen says: “I seriously doubt there was an effect on ‘The Homesman’. The audience is significantly on the older side.” Saban Films president Bill Bromiley adds: “We were very concerned about it. You just try to do as best you can to get copies down. Does it effect you? Absolutely. But how much, you just don’t know.”