Distributors Snap Up Sundance Films

Even though it hasn’t quite started yet, distributors are already quickly picking up films set to screen at the 2011 Sundance Film Festival. Onto the list:

A&E IndieFilms has scored documentary “Corman’s World: Exploits of a Hollywood Rebel” which looks at the life and many films of Roger Corman whose B-movies influenced such filmmakers as Martin Scorsese, Jonathan Demme and Ron Howard

Roadside Attractions has scored the J.K. Simmons-led “The Music Never Stopped” about a man whose memory has been damaged by a now removed brain tumour, but he re-engages with the world when he hears rock music.

HBO Films has won the rights to opening night documentary feature “Project Nim” from the makers of “Man on Wire”. The doco follows Nim, the chimpanzee in the 1970s who was raised and nurtured like a human child to see if he could communicate using sign language.

Sony Pictures Classics has won the rights to “Take Shelter” starring Michael Shannon. The second effort from Jeff Nichols (“Shotgun Stories”) follows a man who has terrifying dreams and channels his anxiety into obsessively building a storm shelter in his backyard.

IFC Films has landed the low-budget comedy “Uncle Kent”, a relationship drama about a 40-year-old Los Angeles cartoonist who hooks up with a New York journalist he met online on Chatroulette.

On top of this, Sundance Selects has picked up Errol Morris’s new documentary “Tabloid” which was a major hit at the Toronto International Film Festival last year. According to Deadline, the company plans to play the critically acclaimed film at key film festivals before aggressively rolling it out theatrically and on their video on-demand platform in the summer.