Disney/Pixar Set Their 2012 Slate

Disney and Pixar have announced two projects for 2012 – “Brave” and the “Monsters Inc.” sequel reports The BBC.

“Brave”, formerly titled “The Bear and the Bow”, follows a princess (Reese Witherspoon) who yearns to rid herself of her regal life and become the first famous female archer.

A June 15th 2012 release date has been targeted for what’s being described as Pixar’s first female-driven film.

Meanwhile “Monsters Inc. 2” is scheduled to hit theatres November 16th 2012 – a full eleven years after the 2001 original.

This marks the first time Pixar has released two films theatrically within the same calendar year. Next on the company’s slate are “Toy Story 3” on June 18th this year and “Cars 2” on June 24th 2011.